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Chandran Rutnam
Selvasingam Consultants

Mr. Rutnam is a well known film maker from Sri Lanka who has been in Los Angeles for more than 38 years. Having started his movie career with Britain's David Lean in The Bridge on the River Kwai at the age of 16 and studied with American director George Lucas in film school, Rutnam brought numerous Hollywood movies to Sri Lanka. He worked as the production supervisor in Sri Lanka for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) amongst many other Hollywood movies.

He is the President & Chief Executive Officer of the Asian Film Location Services(Pvt)Ltd. in Sri Lanka which mostly hosts foreign films to be shot in Sri Lanka.

He founded the once-popular local airline company, Lionair and currently owns the Asian Aviation Centre(Pvt)Ltd in Sri Lanka.

Steven Spielberg refers to Rutnam as "My most valued friend in the Far East.

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Rajkumar Kanagasingam
Selvasingam Consultants

Mr. Kanagasingam is a Member of the Association of Business Executives(U.K.) and worked in the accounting profession to business reporting and was a visiting lecturer since 1992 at various business schools on the subjects Management, Quantitative Methods and Case Study in Business Policy and was the first to deliver a course on e-Commerce models in Sri Lanka in 2000.

He authored the book, "German Memories in Asia" which was published by AuthorHouse, USA and had a first hand experience by extensively promoting the book using social media and newswire globally.

He is involved promoting the services of the Asian Film Location Services globally via social media and contacts with film makers around the world. He wrote the original screenplay - "Prince of Malacca", a detective sci-fi & fantasy film with South East Asian medieval historical events.